Personalised language holidays in France

For secondary school students,
Summer and school year programmes

We have programmes for everyone

Homestays in France

The IntoFrance Homestay is an individual and personalised language holiday for young people who wish to improve their French through a total immersion programme in a French family.

  • 13-18 years old
  • June/July/August 2019
  • 2/3/4 weeks
  • Total immersion in a French family

Secondary Schools in France

This IntoFrance programme is designed for Secondary School Students who wish to attend a French school.
For example, this is the perfect programme for Irish students in transitional year.

  • 14-18 years old
  • Programmes from 2 weeks to full school year
  • Attendance at a French secondary school ("Lycée")
  • French family or Boarding school accommodation

French Language Courses plus Activities

This IntoFrance programme is designed for Students who wish to follow a French language programme during summer 2019. There will be classes in the morning and a full programme of activities in the afternoon.

  • 12-18 years old
  • From 30/06/2019 to 24/08/2019
  • 2/3/4 weeks
  • French Language Courses in the morning
  • Full activity programme in the afternoon

Learn French & Practice your favourite sport

We have one destination, France, our speciality

The members of our team are francophile and francophone, living, or having lived, in France. Some of our team have themselves been on a Homestay programme in their youth.

Our aim is to organise genuine language holidays in France which will ensure that young people who are genuinely motivated will improve their French. By language holidays we mean holidays where the participants speak French practically all day in a French family atmosphere.

For IntoFrance this means personalised Homestays and Academic Year (School Year) programmes in French family homes. We concentrate on the Homestay and Academic type of language holiday because we believe it gives the best results.

We also organise some French Language Courses and Activities programmes. We have selected interesting French towns (Arcachon near Bordeaux and St Malo in Brittany) of medium size where it will be easy for participants to enter into day-to-day living, the French way, and to make friends and where a warm welcome is guaranteed.

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Our knowledge of France and its customs, its way of life, makes us the ideal partner to help you organise a truly wonderful stay in France.