About IntoFrance

What we do

Our aim is to organise genuine language holidays in France which will ensure that young people who are genuinely motivated will improve their French. By language holidays we mean holidays where the participants speak French practically all day in a French family atmosphere.

For IntoFrance this means personalised Homestays and Academic Year (School Year) programmes in French family homes. We concentrate on the Homestay and Academic type of language holiday because we believe it gives the best results.

We also organise some French Language Courses and Activities programmes. We have selected interesting French towns (Arcachon near Bordeaux and St Malo in Brittany) of medium size where it will be easy for participants to enter into day-to-day living, the French way, and to make friends and where a warm welcome is guaranteed.

Our team

IntoFrance is an Irish company. The IntoFrance team is francophile and francophone – living, or having lived, in France – Irish and French. Some of our team have themselves been on a Homestay programme in their youth. We are all convinced that Homestays is the best language learning programme.

Our experienced and dedicated team – specialising in France – and Homestays, prides itself on an efficient and personalised service. Our advisors are available to help you prepare and realise your language holiday – your Homestay. We are supported by secondary school teachers in both Ireland and France who are themselves convinced of the importance of Homestays in the language learning process. It is language teachers in French schools who assist us in the vetting of suitable host families.

IntoFrance representatives based in France all year round select and visit the host families. These representatives are on the spot in order to ensure that the Homestay programme operates smoothly and successfully while the participant is in France.

The IntoFrance guarantees

A top-quality service

An advisor is available for consultation by the participant and his/her parents in the preparation stage before departure. IntoFrance guarantees 24/7 support during the language holiday in France.

Committed to the wellbeing of the participants

All host families are carefully selected and inspected by a member of the IntoFrance team. All host families are genuinely motivated to host a young foreign student. IntoFrance is committed to the safety and wellbeing of participants in the Homestay programme.

A warm and friendly French environment

We guarantee a warm and friendly French environment. IntoFrance will avoid as far as possible gatherings of foreign students so that the participants will speak French and optimise the Homestay experience in France.

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